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Mission, Vision, Purpose

Founded by community leaders in 2005, the Park County Community Foundation works to connect caring people and resources with the most pressing community needs and opportunities. We believe many of Park County’s challenges can be solved through mutual understanding, better cooperation, and a robust culture of philanthropy. To realize these goals, PCCF is committed to:

  • Learning: Through research, networking, and community engagement we cultivate a deeper knowledge about the issues that shape our community


  • Engaging: We lead collaborative engagement by convening the community and providing professional development to support nonprofits addressing Park County's most pressing challenges and opportunities.


  • Giving: With a keen understanding of the issues, we inspire community-based philanthropy and allocate funding to organizations serving Park County.


The Paradise Ramble is a primary component of the Park County Community Foundation’s Give a Hoot campaign, Park County's month-long community giving challenge that connects the community with causes they care about most. From July 1st to 31st, 2023, Give a Hoot inspires people to come together, show pride in their community and contribute to support local nonprofit organizations working in Park County. Since 2019, Give a Hoot has helped raise over $5.7 in community giving from over 11,500 donations to 90 different nonprofits.

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Gavin Clark | Executive Director
Park County Community Foundation
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